Hi there! I’m Suchi. Welcome to my writer website. I’m a B2B and B2C content writer, copywriter and features writer with over 14 years of professional writing experience.

My specialties also tend to be my passions, and I’ve built up expertise in the areas of business tech, real estate, sustainable building/design, travel, education (test prep, higher ed), and entrepreneurship.

You can find my feature articles in consumer and trade publications (NYT, BBC, VICE, etc), and my client list for content writing and copywriting work ranges from regional businesses to international corporations (Hilton, Comcast, Hertz, Fed Ex, etc).

Did I mention that I love to travel? Over a decade of slow traveling and living around the world as an expat and digital nomad has given me firsthand knowledge of 35 countries on 4 continents. I keep a travel blog and have also authored an ebook about how to build and sustain the digital nomad life, Travel More, Work Less, available on Amazon. You can see where I’ve been by following me on Instagram. (Btw, if you were wondering, the photos on this site were both taken in the incredibly gorgeous Azores Islands.)

Although I’ve picked up bits and pieces of various languages from my travels (especially food vocabulary!), I also speak decent Spanish (Argentine style), used to be fluent in Russian and can mostly understand movies in Czech or Hindi.

I hold a bachelor’s degree in Journalism from Indiana University in beautiful Bloomington, and yes, I do have a novel in progress!